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2000 - 4000

A performer and technologist whose talks on technology innovation and the magical have motivated, enchanted, and fooled audiences around the world.

“The best impossibilities happen in the hands of the audience.”

Stuart Nolan has been giving keynote talks since 1997 for a range of industries including broadcasting, games, advertising, digital security, and the creative industries.

He takes the audience on an intellectual and emotional journey that propels them to a new place with a new outlook and a new commitment.

There are always illuminating and memorable stories from Stuart’s adventures in the worlds of the impossible but what changes people and stays with them is the astonishing things he shows the audience they can do. For example...

  • They genuinely read the mind of the person next to them.
  • They use a robot to explore their own subconscious thoughts.
  • They create a startling order out of messy and hilarious chaos.
  • They interpret The Strangest Thing They Have Ever Seen.
  • They change their perception of the Impossible.


Stuart’s talks are based on original proprietary research that is only shared with a small number of clients. He combines traditional disciplines of deception with innovative technology and is currently writing The Trick: How Magicians Invented Invention, a history of magic and technology innovation.  

Stuart is Magician in Residence at Pervasive Media Studio and a NESTA Fellow in Applied Magic. He advises on innovation and technology projects to a range of government and commercial organisations, most recently on investment in Quantified Self, Locative Media, Wearables, Film & TV Technology, Robotics, Sustainable Technology, Internet of Things, and Big Data in Healthcare, Urban Spaces, & Retail User Experience Design.  

His performances combine traditional disciplines of deception – conjuring, psychological illusion, memory feats, hypnosis, sideshow tradition – with bespoke technology and original investigations into how we are deceived by language, physical gesture, and technology.

His Friendly Mindreading Robots developed as Magician in Residence at Pervasive Media Studio, were featured in the BBC Click Christmas Special, The Guardian, and US Wired’s Connectivity 2.0. Cognition, a performance of Fortune Telling Robotics was created as part of the BeingThere: Humans and Robots in Public Spaces project.

Stuart has created tailor-made talks and performances for many settings, from the secretive Food + Awe salon, gathering in the private room of a exclusive London club, to the stage of the National Palace of Culture in Sofia. From the conference rooms of Manchester’s cool and frosted Urbis to London’s dignified and commodious Conway Hall. From the minuscule magic bars of Tokyo to the vertiginous top floor of Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas Towers.

He recently performed the world’s first simultaneous impossibility for two separate audiences in Bristol and Manchester, an event that was live streamed to 1400 screens in 46 countries.

Stuart’s performance, Season of Sleeps, premiered in the Swiss Consulate at the 2015 Venice Biennale.

He once deceived over 700 organisations just to prove a point.

Stuart's IMPOSSIBLE techniques have been used by, amongst others, architects in Manchester, digital artists in Lima, film producers in Paris, robotics engineers in London, newspaper journalists in Sofia, museum directors in Norwich, Internet entrepreneurs in Kuala Lumpur, video editors in Helsinki, game designers in Dundee, play researchers in Alicante, App developers in Manchester, scriptwriters in Amsterdam, actors in Madrid, futurologists in Brussels, organisational psychologists in Pennsylvania, educationalists in Wales, rugby players in Yorkshire, puppeteers in London, storytellers in Bristol, trade mission delegates in Sophia Antipolis, sport coaches in Loughborough, network security experts in London, broadcasters in New York, and teenage inventors at the BBC.

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