general terms and conditions

Preliminary remarks

The ECDM Akademie (with limited liability), Büttgenerstraße 24, 41564 Kaarst („“) operates the booking/placement platform ("Platform"). On this platform, businesses, associations and institutions (“Users“) can book speakers. Businesses, associations and institutions are clients who act independently and on their own account.

Before using the website, the user should thoroughly read the General Terms and Conditions for the use of ("Terms of Use"). Their acknowledgment and acceptance has to be confirmed by the user. This confirmation is the crucial prerequisite for using the platform. The terms of use can be saved via the browser and can also be printed. itself does not offer any services, but only provides its users with bookings between users and speakers. In this context, is entitled to accept booking requests by the user on behalf of the speaker as a representative with power to contract and to confirm them after approval by the speaker. However, does not decide whether the speaker accepts the request of the user/client or not.

Therefore the user enters into two contractional relationships: 1. a contract free of charge with about the use of the platform ("User Contract") For this contract the Terms of Use below apply 2. a contract free of charge with a speaker about the rendering of services ("Service Contract"). The service contract is subject to the the Terms and Conditions of the speaker.

a. The following General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to the use of the platform ("Platform") and the contract concluded between the user and

ECDM Akademie GmbH

Büttgener Strasse 24

D-41564 Kaarst

registered in the commercial register of the Düsseldorf Local Court under HRB 38513, represented by its managing director Torsten Fuhrberg as operator of the platform.

b. Principal activities of this company are the organisation of training seminars and lectures, the placement of lecturers and speakers as well as the provision of internet services (internet market place) and the provision of all connected services, such as the placement of contractors who provide these services. The sales tax identification number is: DE206225147. Please establish contact via the following email address:

c. In order to use the booking service of, a registration ("Registration") of the user is necessary. The registration is free of charge and implies that the user accepts the Terms of Conditions of In order to accept the GTC (i.e. conclude the user contract), the user has to enter the data that has to be submitted to into the registration form and send these data ("User Profile or Profile Data") to by clicking on the button provided for this ("I accept"). This has to happen after the user has accepted the validity of these Terms of Use and the privacy statement. will then send an email to the user with a confirmation of the registration.

The user can cancel his registration at any time. When the user uses the closed area of the portal after receiving the confirmation of his or her registration, a user contract is concluded, i.e. by confirming receipt of the confirmation email from, the user has accepted the Terms of Use and a user contract has been concluded. However, this does not give rise to any entitlement to enter into any such user contract.

d. The registration of a legal person or a non-incorporate firm as a user may only be carried out by a natural person as authorised representative. The person has to be specifically named. At the registration, only individual persons with name and surname can be used for the user profile. The profile data of the user must be provided truthfully and completely and must be kept up to date. The user can edit his profile at any time.

e. The created user profile may not be transferred to third parties. Every user can only register with one profile. Users are not entitled to create a profile. reserves the right - without stating any reasons - to delete profiles and block the users access to the website and the profiles. A blocked user may not create a new profile, i.e. when the user violates the regulations of the GTC.

f. The website is not available for the commercial use of the user (re-bookings to third parties). Only the services mentioned in paragraph 2 are offered to the user free of charge by

g. may change or cancel functions of or add new functions at any time and without stating reasons, as well as allow the use of functions only under certain conditions.

h. It is strictly forbidden to advertise on for one's own or external services or internet services without permission of

2. Subject of the contract

a. offers its users the possibility to use the platform and to register with a profile on, in order to book a speaker.

b. On the user can send booking requests free of charge to speakers of his selected category and with the appropriate content. does not guarantee its user a successful booking. forwards a booking request from the user to appropriate speakers with whom cooperates. The requested speaker checks whether he wants to provide the service according to the booking request and decides autonomously whether to accept the request. The speaker is not subject to any instructions from when executing the service contract, but acts in his/her own capacity. In case the requested speaker declines the booking request, the user receives this information from The user may then look for other suitable speakers. There is no limitation regarding further searches for a speaker.

c. does not place employees in order to carry out a work assignment, but rather places self-employed speakers or speakers that are acting for the user by order of their employer. The user is under obligation neither to conclude a work contract with the by placed speaker, nor to conduct the service contract as an employment. Should become aware that a user and a speaker are concluding a work contract instead of a service contract for independent services or a service contract for the speakers employer, this gives grounds for an extraordinary termination without notice of the user contract as well as deleting the user profile.

d. The fulfilment of the obligations arising from the service contract (see GTC of the service contract) between user and speaker is not monitored by The user undertakes to check himself whether the speaker duly fulfils his obligations arising from the service contract.

e. The user can appoint a favoured speaker. In order to do so, he ranks the speakers of his choice in order of priority in the respective form. will consider the user's preferences for the placement and will try to provide the user with a service contract with his favoured speaker. However, the booking of the favoured speaker cannot be guaranteed, but is subject to the decision of the favoured speaker. If the favoured speaker does not accept the booking or cancel it, will try to find an alternative according to the wishes of the user.

f. If the agreed date of performance cannot be held, will assist the user in arranging an alternative date with the speaker. However, is not under any obligation to ensure success in this regard.

g. If a contract between the user and speaker is concluded, will be directly in charge of the further coordination of payment processing. However, itself does not accept any payments from the user.

h. A speaker that is already known to the user through the placement of, can continue to be contacted by the user via, but can also be contacted directly.

3. Reviews

a. Users can leave reviews of the completed service on the platform.

b. Furthermore, the speakers may leave a review of the user booking them.

c. eviews must always be based on verifiable facts. Reviews shall be written matter-of-factly and meet the requirements of fairness and they must not contain any offensive, derogatory, criminally relevant or other unlawful content (e.g. the violation of industrial property rights of third parties). Reviews that violate against this regulation will not be published and accordingly deleted. Reviews always show statements of the author (user) and no comments made by will follow up on justified complaints and if necessary resolve the complaint.

d. The user as well as the service provider grant the rights of use of their review unrestricted in place and time and free of charge. may freely dispose of the review and especially make further use of it for review services and where required pass reviews on to third parties and publish them.

e. Unjustified multiple reviews, self evaluations or other forms of trying to manipulate or distort the review system are strictly forbidden.

4. Liability of

a. is not liable for the proper execution of the service contract by the speaker and/or user. This applies in particular, but not only, in the case of usage of the platform and/or initial approach, execution, termination,handling or cancellation on short notice of the service contract under violation of the user contract or terms of use by the user and/or service provider

b. is liable according to the legal regulations in case of violation of contractual or non-contractual obligations. is only liable for damages - no matter the legal reason - in case of intent and gross negligence. In cases of less than gross negligence is only liable for damages arising from the violation of life, body and health and for damages from the violation of an essential contractual obligation.

c. Pages of in part contain links to websites that are managed by third parties and whose contents might not be known to The only purpose for links to other websites is to facilitate the navigation of the site. does not assume responsibility for the contents of other websites. All links apart from the speakers' profiles are subject to a charge. alone may decide whether to accept and where toplace a link. There is no entitlement to a linking.

5. Liability of the user

The user is liable for any damages that have arisen for through the user's usage of the platform and/or initial approach, execution, termination and/or handling of the service contract under the violation of the user contract and/or terms of use by the user.

The user undertakes to release from any damages that might arise for through a possible claim by a third party caused by the usage of the platform and/or initial approach, execution, termination and/or handling of the service contract under the violation of the user contract and/or terms of use by the user.

6. Notes on data protection

a. collects, processes and uses the data of the user in compliance with statutory regulations ("Data privacy statement").

b. will provide the user with an insight into his/her data in his/her user profile, including information about booked services, throughout the duration of the user contract, as well as providing the possibility to change the data. In order to do so, the user has to log in to the site with his/her email address and password.

c. The user hereby explicitly agrees that his/her phone number and email address may be passed on to the booked speaker for the coordination at short notice of the agreed orders.

7. Changes and duration of the user contract

a. is entitled to change the user contract in compliance with the legal regulations. Such changes are deemed to be approved by the user and will become valid for existing user contracts if informs the user about the changes in writing and the user does not object within four weeks after receiving the notice. Possible changes always apply for the future.

b. The duration of the user contract is unlimited. The contract may be terminated by the user or by with a notice period of two weeks. The right to terminate for good cause remains unaffected. A termination of the user contract does not affect already concluded service contracts with speakers.

8. Establishing contact with users / quality management

The user agrees that may contact the user / service provider via email, phone or mail during the usage of the platform (active account) and up to 6 months after the account has been deactivated in order to ask about the user's satisfaction with the portal as well as to inform the user about amendments, additions, news and possible ongoing offers for cooperation.

9. Applicable law, Jurisdiction, Contractual language

a. German law applies to the user contract.

b. Contractual and negotiating language is German.

c. Düsseldorf is agreed on as the place of jurisdiction, provided that it can be agreed in a legally permissible manner.