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Structured innovation - think inside a different box The meaning of purpose and how it can make a difference in your organisation

What happens if you translate disciplines used in professional film production to an innovation process in a service or production company? Staffan was asked to convert into a consultant by a multinational tech company in 2003- the outcome was astonishing 40% increase in profit the first year and 60% increase the following years. Not only that, they let Staffan tell the story in a book and on stage. Since then Staffan has helped many different organisations to reveal their innovation capacity. On stage his energy is like a volcano and he will interact with the audience. Be prepared to fasten your seatbelts and learn lateral thinking and how it is used in real life. Booked in Sweden more than 500 times and in many cases over and over again by the same organisation. Staffans English is fluid, he has a Bachelors Degree in Film production from California and he has been working with international coproductions for over 30 years.

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