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A very natural and engaging speaker, Simon really connects with audiences who are interested in new ways to connect brands to consumers. His specialis

Simon is a very engaging and natural public speaker. He talks without notes and is passionate about his specialist field. This comes across clearly to his audiences who find his subject fascinating and engaging. Simon challenges some of the traditional ways that marketers try to connect with consumers and this is always supported with vivid and sometimes amusing case studies and anecdotes from his years of experience.

A background in brand marketing management combined with a strong belief in the power of the sense of smell led Simon to form The Aroma Company in 1993. The Aroma Company provides strategic brand development and promotion through the sense of smell to brands as diverse as banks to shampoo manufacturers, supermarkets to cruise ships. The Aroma Company have become the leading innovators in this field.

By 2006 Simon was interested in the ways in which multiple senses could combine to make even more compelling branded experiences for customers and he launched Brand Sense with business partner Martin Lindstrom – who had just released the award winning book, Brand Sense. Their mission was to help carry the message of sensory marketing out to a wider audience.

Through this extensive experience Simon Harrop has become a global expert in multi-sensory brand marketing, specialising in knowledge transfer through coaching and consultancy. 

In his role as a sensory expert, Simon has enjoyed extensive public profiling through media such as the BBC, NBC, International Herald Tribune, Brand Strategy and the Sunday Times. Simon is also a regular speaker, panel guest and contributor on the international marketing conference circuit. Simon has spoken at events such as Marketing Week Live, Retail Interiors, ‘Experience’ in New York, The World Perfumery Congress, TED, SEPAWA conference in Dusseldorf, The Consumer Products Association and The Israeli Presidents Conference.

Simon has created sensory strategies for brands such as British Airways, P&G, Harrods and General Motors. Sensory Branding is now used across the globe by companies such as Nestle, McDonalds, Unilever, and Glaxo Smith Kline.

The Aroma Company consists of a small team of highly experienced specialists. Although based in the UK, their work is truly global as they advise top international brand executives on how to use sensory marketing for real commercial advantage.

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