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Popular topics: How To Write The Perfect Plan (using SOSTAC® Framework); Digital Marketing; Integrated Marketing; Digital Transformation; Change Mngt

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PR Smith is an international speaker, marketing consultant and author of a range of books including digital marketing planning and integrated marketing communications. Paul created SOSTAC® Planning framework, voted in the Top 3 business models worldwide by CIM and recently adopted by many companies including Linkedin and KPMG. Paul just launched the SOSTAC® Certified Planners online portal . He also founded an NFP programme which combines short stories and social media to inspire a new generation of global citizens.


Here's what Paul's clients say about his events


“Made a real impact”

“A compelling speaker”

“A really inspiring speaker”

“Fun to listen to and really engaging” 

“Informative, entertaining and energetic”

“An eloquent, flexible and entertaining speaker”

“Changed my whole way of thinking – excellent speaker”

“PR Smith is a  fantastic speaker who can grip an audience”

“Fantastically  thought  provoking  and  extremely  actionable”

“Entertaining oration, highly knowledgeable and engaging speaker”

“Unique, humorous and creative way of looking at business through a marketing lens”

“An  inspiring  storyteller  who  has  given  us  the  tools  to  build  our  marketing  campaigns.” 

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