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Mr. Pep Torres is a reference in Spain for creativity, innovation and invention. He is an inventor for the last 20 years and founder and director of the unique Museum of Ideas and Inventions of Barcelona. A museum he pays from his pocket as he wanted have a space where people could be inspired and motivated to make their ideas come true. He also invented the MINI MIBA contest for children between 6-12 years. The media calls him: Renaissance Man, Leonardo da Vinci, 3.0 or The Visionary due to his multiple talents. He works as an inventor, designer, musician, author of 8 books, magician, university professor, international speaker and a regular TV and radio collaborator all over the world. He was voted among the 50 best inventors in TIME Magazine and on the Front Page of Wall Street Journal. Please check out his website: We also add a link to the short documentary Discovery Channel made last October about his life and which is a very short summary about this "extraordinary man".
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