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makes interesting conections to Politics and Economy, the influence of technique and the seach for happyness against better judgement,..

Leonard van Munster’s contemporary installations are to be found mostly in public domain, where the surroundings play an important role in how it is experienced. Van Munster chooses locations that suit his sketches or else he makes work especially for a specific location. Take his fatamorgana, “Under heaven 02,” in a desolate hiway viaduct, surrounded by a fence, impossible to get to, no matter how tempting that plastic oasis looks. Or think about the tree house on top of the fifty story Stedelijk museum building or the spectacular sight of a life-sized, seaworthy ship named “Fortuna”, keeled over on its side, right in the heart of the business district. Although Leonard’s pieces at first glance have a cheery or boyish look to them, there are more subversive ideas at their base. Recurrent underlying themes as desire, nostalgia and the search for happiness against better judgment. Often they are architectural structures or situations which surrealistically appear at an unexpected spot, almost as if in a dream. The pleasant appearance of his work has the effect of a layer of pink sugar frosting, creating a contradictory feeling. Most of Van Munster’s objects in public space can only be viewed for a short time. What remains are the memories and a photo,.. www.leonardvanmunster.com

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