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1500 - 3500

"An icon of new times in classical music"​ Highly inspirational speaker and violinist, two-time TEDx performer and speaker

"An icon of new times in classical music"​ Viva Musica Magazine Brazil

A highly driven individual active as a performer, presenter and curator in the field of classical music innovations. Two-time TEDx performer and speaker. Focus: inclusion of new technologies, genre-bending new music, new performance settings and audiences, audience interaction and social inclusion.

Talks: "Colouring Music" (TEDxAmsterdam Link), "Love & Music" (inspirational talk, LovCon Zurich link), "New ways in classical music", "Translating music" (Intro talk), "Conducting as real-time leadership", "The orchestra as a model of a world in dynamic balance", "The orchestra as a high-performance team" etc.

All talks combined with live violin performance, see TEDxZurich performance. Inspirational music performance also with trio Bachspace - Bach&Electronics.

Workshops, residencies a.o. also available.

Etienne is the founder of classYcal, a start-up dedicated to innovations in classical music including the Ynight classical club nights ("Best of the Year"​ Tagesanzeiger Zurich) and the Apples & Olives Indie Classical Festival Zurich. He co-founded the Swiss El Sistema-inspired musical-social initiative Superar Suisse and the Sistema Europe Youth Orchestra. He is also responsible for live performances of the Music Animation Machine and violinist of bachSpace, a project that combines music by Johann Sebastian Bach with electronic compositions. Etienne is a member of the Lucerne Festival Orchestra and was, for seven years, the principal second violin in the Orchestra Mozart Bologna, both orchestras founded and directed by the late Claudio Abbado. He was Artist-in-Residence and music curator at the Festspielhaus St. Pölten, Austria, serves in the jury of the Classical:NEXT conference and currently lives in Basel. Exec. MBA '10 in General Management at University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Digital portfolio: www.etienneabelin.com

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