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Ania’s ‘distilled wisdom’ energizes listeners and ignites action; she infuses people with strength and passion for Personal and Leadership Mastery.

Ania left Poland in ’96 with one bag on a bus to study at London School of Economics, since then she has: -travelled to 69 countries, lived in 9, worked in 17 at Senior Executive levels in financial services (MACE, GE Capital, UBS), she has:

-built, grown, restructured, integrated and liquidated businesses in 4 languages

-climbed the highest peak on every continent incl. Mt. Everest and others

-completed Marathon des Sables (6 marathons in 5 days across the Sahara)

-written a top rated book: ‘Why the hell Bother? How climbing the Seven Summits changed my life’

-built 3 schools in Nepal for over 450 children

-chaired a large charity in London and owns her own charity

-spoke at TEDx: Warsaw, Lublin, Barcelona

-served on executive boards of diversity networks and The Attlee Foundation

After having transformed her own life on many levels she now works as an Executive Coach and inspires others through public speaking.

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