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Alex Granger is a Global Speaker who specialises in Leadership, Sales, Personal Develop, Entrepreneurship, and Motivation. He has spoken in many count

Fondly known as the “Exceptional One”, Alex Granger is a Global Business Speaker, Au- thor, and the Founder and CEO of e Pos- sibility of YOU (Pty) Ltd., a niche development rm, specialising in be- spoke business intervention programs, mentorship, and coaching programs that as- sist in improving businesses and individuals become more successful and create high impact. He is also an entrepreneur as CEO of the Metro Conference Centre in Sandton, South Africa. Alex has delivered keynote presentations to thousands of delegates inter- nationally, inspiring ordinary individuals to accomplish their goals and dreams. He is considered to be a think shi er, inspirer, helping businesses and individuals to adopt a new, more meaningful and purposeful vision. Alex is a key resource for conferences, strategic sessions, personal de- velopment and business interventions, with his key competency lying in shi ing mindset, presenting new insights, and di using complexity. He quali ed in Executive Leadership (ELDP) from the Gordon‘s Institute of Business Science with a distinction in Leadership, and has been fortunate to work in executive and senior leadership positions for blue chip compa- nies such as the Bidvest Group, Imperial Group, Standard Bank, Altech Group, G4S Secure Solutions, and Tsogo Sun. As part of his journey, some of the insights Alex has learnt over his 25 year career and shares with his audiences can be found in three books that he penned. 1. “FIND KEEP GROW: e Radical Art of Sales” 2. “The Possibility of YOU: What Shapes You?” 3. “Expert Mavericks: Journeys To Success” (Amazon Best Seller)

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