2500 - 4500

Keynote Speaker & workshops. Find new market opportunities and develop your talents by looking through the eyes of a child.

Clients experience me as an experienced speaker, and creative consultant, addressing diverse audiences on topics such as innovation, talent, work, leadership, diversity, career development, strategy, and future thinking. In my keynotes and sessions I invite your audience to develop new solutions by seeing specific a situation in a new way: through the eyes of a child. Your audience will learn to apply tools and techniques to work with an open mind and use their imagination and resourcefulness to break through old working patterns and find new solutions. I founded Raad van Stuur and Open Minds Open World, an innovation and participation program for companies where children and management teams work together.

What you will learn in keynotes and sessions with Adriaan

1. Uncover the 3 blindspots that stop people and companies from being great

2. Learn the 5 principles to accomplish the 'not possible' that come natural to children and effective leaders

3. Revitalise your Personal Capital: financial, creative, human, social and spiritual capital



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